2 Simple Steps to Get Your Book into the Library


A couple of months ago, I did a post on the insider’s guide to the library that you can read here. Today, I thought I’d share what I learned during my time working in my local library on how to get your book on their shelves and how to get other libraries in the county/parish to order more copies.

Getting your book into the library is much less complicated than I thought it would be. So as an author, don’t let this opportunity slip by you! There are a couple of ways to get your book into the library and some tricks to get them circulating. In my other post, I addressed submitting your ARC (advanced reader copy) to the review board to get your copy into the library. However, there is another way to get your book into the library and circulating in 2 incredibly simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Materials Request.

While every library is different, most will offer a materials request form as an option to their patrons if they do not already have the item desired in their collection. Depending on the library, you can either make the request via their website or you can speak to the library at the desk and request it in person. Also, be sure to mention that you are the author of the book. Libraries LOVE to support their local authors!

Step 2: Once your request has been approved, you should check it out/place a hold.

Now, I know it sounds silly to check out your own book, but I got this advice straight from my librarian friend. She said that in order for the other libraries in the county/parish to order additional copies, they have to see activity and demand for the book. How libraries see demand is through circulation and the item being placed on hold. So, get your friends to check it out and place it on hold to get that baby circulating and its demand up!

It’s also interesting to note as well that once the libraries purchase your books, they never return them.

Bonus Tip: Have a new book release and have promotional materials from your publisher to distribute? What better place is there to leave those bookmarks than in a place dedicated to books! Speak with the librarian at the front desk and ask if they have a place for bookmarks of local authors. If you are a frequent patron of the library and know the staff, chances are, they will help you promote your book and might even help you set up an author event.

Happy Writing!

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