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#NaNoWriMo is going to start tomorrow!!!! I’ve been prepping like crazy and trying to set myself up for success by planning, outlining and pinning. Today’s post may seem a little simple, but as this is something I’ve been working on, I thought I’d share my findings! Lately, I’ve been looking up some of my favorite authors and checking out how they utilize their Pinterest boards to organize their research and inspiration. As Eudora Welty once said, “A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” I like to think of my boards as a means to pinning down those little butterfly moments to discover again later.

Pinterest Board Ideas for Writers:

Categorize by book. This would be the dream one day to have all my novels as boards and under each board, have pins as to what the characters look like, scenes, objects used in the book, etc. Laura Frantz does a very good job of utilizing her Pinterest boards to not only plan her novels, but promote them as well.

Novel faces. I just started using Scrivener and one of my favorite things to use is their character charts where I can list the character’s name, description and picture. What helps is to have a bank of potential novel faces to pull from, so whenever I run across someone with an interesting face, I pin it for later use.

Inspirational scenes. Keeping in mind my general plot ideas, I pin scenes that I think I can or will add to my book. It helps bring the description to life.

Setting. Pin pictures of the land or historical landmarks where your story is set. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but hopefully, we writers don’t have to write a thousand words to capture the setting accurately.

Period Fashion. I have a teeny tiny 1890’s board of fashion that I am slowly building, but when it comes time to put that heroine in a dress designed after the 1893 wedding gown that Princess Mary wore, all I have to do is check out that picture and hopefully, it will have a link describing the material, which now I am thinking about it, maybe I should make a board for my vintage brides.

Period Houses and Furniture. I haven’t started this board yet, but I am planning on essentially “building” the house for my characters to live in with correct period furniture for them to use as well as pretty teacups for their teatime because even our characters need to have a spot of tea to get them through the day!

For other ideas on Pinterest boards for writers, look up your favorite authors and follow them!

Planning Tip: I am still pretty new in using Pinterest as a writing tool and I usually only pin a few times a week, BUT I just discovered that you can use Hootsuite to schedule your pins!!! Mind blown. I know. It’s sad haha but yes, I just discovered that fact.

Happy Writing!

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