Little Ways to Say a Big Thank You


Today is my anniversary (happy four years, honey!) and, of course, I’m getting sappy thinking of all the fun times we’ve had so far. It’s been wonderful growing together as a family. I support him in his work and hobbies and he in mine. I don’t know what I would do without his support in my writing career. When I’m doubtful of spending money on a writing conference, he’s there encouraging me to invest in my writing’s future. When I need to forget about the house and sometimes even drop making dinner for the sake of keeping my muse flowing, he’s up for take-out. He even gave up buying coffee, minus one day a week, for me to have one more writing day at Starbucks in the budget. He’s pretty sweet 🙂 and I never want to take his support for granted.

All that to say, I think it’s important that during this Christmas season to remember to thank our spouse, beta readers and writing buddies for supporting us in our craft. Writing can be a solitary experience, but without their encouragement, I have no doubt that many novels and novellas would be abandoned in the desk drawer or stuffed in the closet to gather dust.

Little ways to say a big thank you:

Write a card. It’s simple, but it lets them know you’re thinking of them and appreciate their support and that you don’t take their help for granted.

Give a cup of coffee. It doesn’t have to be a $10 gift card, but maybe enough for a cup of java at their favorite spot to warm their hearts in the cold weather as they do their Christmas shopping.

Chocolate. Always a winner. Or bake some cookies and present them in a cute Christmas tin. (This one’s for you, Dakota.)

Buy their book and promote it. For your fellow writing buddies, one of the best way to say thank you is to support them in their book sales and give them some social media exposure.

Need more ideas for Christmas for your writer friends? Check out this post!

Thank you to my readers for supporting me in my blogging endeavor, to my betas for catching vital errors, to writing buddies for their encouragement and direction, to my agent for her hard work in getting me my first contract and to my sweet husband and family for believing in me.

Merry Christmas and Happy Writing!

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