Don’t Let Excuses Hijack Your Writing Time!

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Some days it’s hard to sit down and write. Some days you’d rather just wrap up in a blanket and watch TV. However, being a writer means you write, but when the inspiration just isn’t there, it can be tempting to label it as writer’s block and skip out writing for the day. We’ve all done it, but the sad truth is that a book just doesn’t get written when there is always an excuse to be had. So, I thought I’d make a list of excuses that tempt me on skipping out on the day and why they aren’t valid enough to get in the way of precious writing time.

I’m not feeling inspired right now. Ahhh this one. The muse is a flighty bird, but you can learn to control it. Click here to check out a post on how to capture the muse.

I can’t get past this scene. This is that nasty word “writer’s block,” but it’s more like writer’s mire. If you aren’t excited about the scene, chances are your reader won’t be either, so either delete it or add something to make it exciting. Before you use even more time in adding something to a dry scene, ask yourself if it moves the story forward. If the answer is yes, go for a long walk with a friend and chat about it until you find out what element was missing in the scene and then go home and write it!

Well, I guess I could write an extra hour tomorrow to make up for it. Don’t do it! I try to make an average goal of at least 1000 to 2,000 a day. I know it’s kinda small, but on those days when I really feel inspired and the muse is cooperating and I’m not wrangling it into submission, the word count exceeds my goal. If you skip a day, those word count boosting inspiration sessions will only make your goal, but if you keep at a slow and steady pace of even just 500 words rather than not writing at all each day, your overall word count goal will get met much faster!

Oooh, but I should research. Distraaaactions! There is research time and there is writing time. Don’t let it ooze into your writing time! If you are pounding out the words and stumble on a phrase you are unsure about or want to mention a product, but you aren’t sure was around at the time, mark it in bold and keep going.

I’ll read just one more article on writing craft…. I’ll admit it. I love reading articles, magazines and blogs on the writing craft, but it’s important to take what you’ve learned and actually write and not just play at writing (the art of studying, but not actually doing). There comes a time when even studying is an excuse. Don’t be afraid of “not being good enough yet” stop you from writing. Click here to check out a post on how fear can cripple your creativity!

Happy Writing!

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