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This past week, my husband and I drove from Fairfield, Connecticut down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where we set up our apartment home on the third floor in the height of Louisiana summer. Since the apartment is on the small side, I lost my designated writing space, so I set about creating an atmosphere that would be the most conducive for writing creativity.

Face a window and if possible, paint your space. Certain colors trigger different moods. However, if you are renting and you can’t paint, then decorate with the colors that relax and inspire you. I can’t paint my space, so I’ve instead decorated with soft blues, whites, greys and little splashes of yellow.

Make sure your space is clean. I had to unpack everything within my line of sight before I could even sit down this morning. For me, I need to have a clean a space as possible and having dishes in the kitchen sink in the line of sight doesn’t work. I have to be able to ignore them to work haha.

Surround yourself with inspiration, but not clutter. Light a candle, set out a few favorite items, place some pretty flowers on the window sill, grab a cup of coffee and some chocolate.

Make it functional, but disguise the functionality if you have to with fashionable storage drawers. Since our apartment is smaller than our old place, I chose the breakfast nook to double as my writing space, so I had to place a small bookshelf against the wall and get some storage drawers at Home Goods to hide my writing tools.

Listen to your favorite inspirational playlist. Noisy neighbors? Barking dogs? Running appliances? Those distractions don’t belong in the writer’s nook of inspiration, so drown them out with your playlist.

Moving and trying to reach writing goals has been challenging, but thank goodness unpacking is over. Now that I’ve got my candles, pretty curtains and Paris ink sketches up with my chair facing a window, I think I can get back to the real and incredibly fun business of writing.

Happy Writing!


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Grace Hitchcock's first novella, The Widow of St. Charles Avenue, released in Barbour Publishing’s The Second Chance Brides Collection August 2017. Her second novella will release in Barbour Publishing’s The Southern Belle Brides Collection in 2018. She has a Masters in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History. Grace is a Louisiana Southerner living in Colorado with her husband, Dakota, and newborn son.

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