Choosing Which Story to Write First

Research the market and see what is out there. As a debut novel, you need to make sure that the markets aren’t already flooded with stories similar to your debut novel. For example, writing an Amish novel would probably be a hard sell unless you had a very unique spin on it.


Finding Time to Write While Working Full-Time

When a story is aching to get out of you, it literally hurts until you are able to sit down and write it out. However, when commitments and responsibilities pile up, time fades quickly and having writing time begins to feel like a luxury that all too often is shuffled aside.


How to Make Those Rejection Letters Work for You!

When you get a rejection letter, they are not rejecting you. They are rejecting the work and as much as you see it as a work of art, the agents see it as a product. They are there to sell a product and if the product isn’t ready, it won’t sell well.


Waiting for the Muse is a Lie

The writing process can be a bit daunting at times. At first, it may seem romantic to imagine the lone writer, sitting by the window, gazing out into nature with…


How to Use Traveling as Writing Material

This summer, my husband and I are moving to Stamford, Connecticut…very far away from New Orleans, but now we will have access to trains to New York and a whole coast…