12 Gifts for Book Lovers and Writers


First off, I will confess that I love books. I love book gifts. I love writer gifts. Bookstores make me happy, especially their writing section. If someone you love is a writer or an avid reader, you can check them off your gift list with one of these book lover treasures! Click on each picture for the link!

1. Jane Austen Coloring Book. $9


As a Jane Austen fan, I loved this gift! I find that coloring helps relax my creative brain in between editing sessions! If you aren’t an Austen fan (how this is even possible, I don’t know), there are a lot more writer’s coloring book options out there! This is just my favorite 🙂

2. Personal Library Kit. $10.50


As I work in the library, how could this not make it on the list? How adorbs is this?!

3. “I turn coffee into books” Mug. $13


Probably the most accurate writer’s mug out there! (Pst! Dakota honey if you are reading this, I really need this mug for Christmas! Yes, need not want haha!)

4. Magnetic Poetry Kit for the fridge. $12.95


Basically the ABC magnets for adults. They have a Jane Austen, Dickens, Poe and Shakespeare version too! Just click through the choices.

5. A Writer Inspiration Print! “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” (Etsy Print Rights $5 + Print job $5 + Frame $5.) $15


Buy a frame at Hobby Lobby and pop in your print! Etsy has a lot of great writer quotes, so search around until you find the one you like! This one takes a wee bit more planning, but it’s thoughtful and personalized 🙂 If you want the printing and framing done for you, BookwormBoutique offers framed prints for $31!

6. Extra Large, Ruled, Soft-cover Moleskine. $18


Ahh the classic almost cliche gift of a notebook, but this isn’t just any notebook. This is THE notebook for writers in my opinion and I received not one, but two last year and both have been used already! The pliable leather exudes creativity and it’s the only brand I ever use. There are lots of different colors, but “Orchid” is still my favorite!

7. Classic Book Coasters. $19.99


These are a great way to support the writer’s caffeine need while protecting the furniture AND nodding to their love of books, an all round perfect book addict, er, I mean book lover’s gift. Again, there are other great classic book coasters out there, but Jane Austen is my heroine.

8. “Once Upon a Time” Throw Pillow. $20


Those four magical words 🙂

9. “Books and Rain” Travel Mug. $24


This cute piece is also available as a framed print, tote, mug and much more!

10. “From the Library of (insert name)” Embosser. $29.99


The embossment in the top right corner says, “From the Library of Grace Hitchcock.” I got this from my husband last year. Best GIFT EVER!!!!  #mustembossallthebooks

11. Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda. $30


I bought my first Lilly Pulitzer agenda last year and I love it! It’s a great place to jot down your daily writing goals and plan for those deadlines. It also comes with stickers for another pop of creative color.

12. “A book is like a garden carried in the pocket” Wall Clock . $30


A perfectly darling clock for the writer’s office, reminding them that they are creating things of beauty.

And if none of these work for you, make their heart stop with a gift card from their local bookstore or a Barnes & Noble.

Happy Writing! 

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